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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  September 7, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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nbc bay area news begins with break news. >> and that breaking news is a desperate search for a man who disappeared on or near angel island, missing now for almost 24 hours. good evening, i'm jessica aguirre. >> i'm raj mathai. it has been a tense ending to that labor day holiday. coast guard, park rangers and local first responders are all searching mr. van leer, he was last seen wearing his book boxer shorts and a shirt at 1:00 a.m.
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he was using the bathroom at the docks on angel island. he and his wife boated to the island where they were camping. the boat is at the dock but the man is nowhere to be found. they will be back in the air and on the water tomorrow morning. van looer is 42 years old, 56 feet call. >> more breaking news. this time in the south bay amount of brushfire along highway 17 near loss gatt owes. here's is this is near summit road. northbound traffic is slow at this late hour, especially coming home on this holiday weekend from the santa cruz area. again, a small fire along northbound 17 near loss gatt owes. there is a shooter on the run-in cooper tino tonight. police are asking anyone and people in the neighborhood so ta is this their homes. police say a man was shot in the leg at 9:30 tonight. he is expected to survive.
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the shooting happened on wonderland drive. police are searching for the suspect as we speak. just in, two men were stabbed near the santa cruz beach boardwalk earlier tonight. they are expected to survive. as you can imagine this is one of the busiest days of the year at the boardwalk. the stabbing happened at beach street. the boardwalk was closed down during this investigation, which is still ongoing. who is behind the racist tagging. antichinese graffiti in several spots in a san francisco neighborhood. terry mcsweeney joins us live with more from the investigation. what do we know. >> reporter: the words are gone. as you can see, san francisco street crews koim came out tonight and painted over this wall on summer set just as they did on silver avenue, as they did on the four other location
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where is the words popped up. the words are gone for but many here in the pour tolla neighborhood the pain lives on. tonight, public works crews are painting over the hateful words that said no more chinese. identical words found at five locations in the city's pour tolla district. >> this was a major blow. i was disappointed. >> reporter: tommy luck lives across the street from the the pour tolla playground. >> it has to be someone from this area. it's not someone from outside coming in is randomly painting this across the city. >> reporter: longtime residents say they have never seen anything like it. >> they shouldn't number the neighborhood if they are not use to the having different cultures out here. >> reporter: as each location, the paint color, the wording and the lettering were is same. perhaps just one person responsible and maybe he was recorded by the security camera at one of the locations. we can't know motive for certain
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but tonight there is speculation. >> there is nothing wrong with chinese people. i think we're just getting overpopulated. there is single-family homes, and there is probably five or six families living in it. so i think that's where -- maybe that's what is showing, that hey, this is not right. >> luck says a man did come out sunday to change the no more chinese, to part more chinese. not enough for a neighbor who didn't want to be identified. >> people should open their lives, instead of spreading no more chinese they should not be like that. >> reporter: i am told that graffiti crews are coming back out here tomorrow morning and they are going to be matching the wall with this new paint they are going to be putting on here. the words will be gone and things will appear to be back to normal in the pour tolla district. it's back to work tomorrow. and the commute could be smooth. bart is gearing up for the reopening of the transbay tube. trains should be rolling at 4:00
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a.m. sharp. crews have been working around the clock since the transbay tube was shut down on friday night. they are replacing the old tracks to make for a faster, smoother ride. because of the limited service in these past 72 hours, bart ridership was down about 40% this labor day weekend compared to last year. tomorrow will be a difficult day at menlo school in athey are ton. the skoul school counsellor was killed in a boating accident yesterday. tonight his family, well-known in the bay area is desperate for answers. how did this happen? and why can't they see his body. cheryl heard? athey are ton with the emotional reaction from the family and the school. >> reporter: raj, michael harris started a brand-new job here at menlo school as a con counsellor, a dream job of sorts. his family says he always wanted to give back to his community, and this job made that possible. >> he could have done anything. you know, he was tremendously
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bright and really had his pick of opportunities. >> reporter: so he decided to take advantage of his opportunity to be a counsellor here at menlo school in athey are ton. his younger brother david knew his big brother was kited about the job. >> but i think he understood that his calling was in helping people who he could identify with grow into stronger leaders and into stronger people. >> reporter: david and his brother speaking in and out southern california tonight about their brother's tragic death. michael harris was with his girlfriend and three other people when their small boat was hit by another boat on the water near catalina island early sunday. his girlfriend and two others have minor injuries. the fifth person on board is missing and presumed dead. staff members at menlo school are having a difficult time with the loss. >> he was the kind of guy that would come up and give you a hug, shake your hand, always smile at you. he would always tell you something positive. >> reporter: the harris family, a positive force at menlo
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school, their father, peter harris, a former 49ers ceo back in 2000 was a fixture here. it is the alma mater for all three his sons. meanwhile, david and his brother say even though michael was just 26 years old he was a role model. right now the family is just trying to cope. >> it's truly surreal. and we are really just trying to wrap our heads around it and can't. >> reporter: harris's family is very thankful for all the community support. but they may not be able to see their son's body for a couple of weeks until police complete the investigation. reporting live in athey are on the i'm cheryl heard, nbc bay area news. >> cheryl, thank you. i've spoken with peter and jan harris throughout day. as cheryl mentioned they are touched by the support so far from the community. and they are frustrated they won't be able to see their son's body for one or two weeks. that's usually the case with a homicide investigation. late tonight, peter harris said
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l.a. county authorities have given him no updates or indication if alcohol was involved in this deadly crash. beaches up and down the coast under a hazard warning today because of sneaker waves and strong rip currents, which prompted some parents to rule the ocean off limits. >> it was best for them to play in the frisbee and stay out and not going into the water because it looks dangerous and we don't want to worry about them getting pulled out. >> the beach was the best place to cool off during this labor day. we experienced some sweltering temps. the heat will be sticking around? >> the heat just getting start. temperatures are going to be climbing up. good news on the coast. the wave heights coming down. what is not coming down quickly right now, temperatures around the bay area, mid 70s inland. five to ten degrees higher than yesterday at this hour. the humidity levels very dry. in the hills 20% range.
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in the santa cruz mountains. spot fires along highway 17 northbound. dry conditions. north winds tomorrow will set the stage for a warm morning. foam morning, 60s. by lunchtime n the 90s. some areas could approach 105 degrees. the heat wave will be sticking around for a while. the woman who jumped off the bay bridge, ditched police, unbelievably hitched a ride home has been found and arrested. police say she crashed a stolen car on the bridge last month. officers say she also tried to get away by jumping to have side of the bridge, a roughly six-story fall. they believe she was kbokted at the time, but they believe she swam back, went back up to the bridge and hitched a ride with
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another motorist. she is facing multiple charges. you are looking at the golden gate bridge. beginning tomorrow, drivers headed from san francisco to marin county will have an extra lane. the extra lane will be added from 4:00 to 6:00 in the evening when the northbound commute is heaviest. that equals four northbound lanes and two southbound lanes. the lane allotment for the morning commute will stay the same. next at 11:00. first the festival. and now the clean up. burning man leads to big business for some companies, but are they overcharges. also ahead, what will apple come up with next? all eyes on silicone valley this week as apple prepares to debut its next big thing. bay area firefighters find themselves with an unusual obstacle. a he can broen truck. we'll have their heroic story next. "it's halloween time my frightful fiends,
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cars...covered w/ ash. burning man ash. the popular festival in the nevada desert came to a
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did you notice out there today a lot of dirty cars covered with ash. >> burning man ash. the popular festival in the nevada desert came to a fiery ends last night. >> tonight the exodus home and the rush to car washes. jeanelies that afterglow of burning man. >> wonderful. dusty. >> reporter: monica brought more than memories back from burning man. she brought lots of dust. >> it's in everything. it doesn't go away. that's the beauty. you have to embrace it. >> reporter:ities unless it's on the car. like hundreds of other burners rolling back into the bay area, she is at the car wash. >> we'll see about 500 burning man cars over the next week. >> reporter: this touchless car wash in san francisco has extra staff on duty this week to handle the crush of what they call ghost cars. they are dusted white inside and
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out. requiring extra scrubbing, extra rinsing and extra detailing. >> our policy evolve and our prices evolve. >> reporter: customers are warned about longer wait times. this year, burners will pay $100 for a wash. but she remembers when it was $60. >> we are being gouged. $100 for a burning man car wash. >> reporter: bushers also have to arrive several hours before closing. >> we were turned away. >> it is a lovely reminder. sometimes you will see a little bit of fire dust. you will be like what? how is this still here? look good. >> reporter: nbc bay area news. just two more days before we find out what new gadgets apple will be unveiling. the cupertino company send out invitations which could be a
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hin. the invitation said hey, seary, give us a hint. there is talk of a new iphone, or ipads or apple tv. amazon is also introducing a new prouchlkt it is a $50 tablet. the seattle-based company has struggled when it comes to tablet sachls it's hoping to do better with with new cheaper tablet. it will be great for easy tasks for online videos and online shopping. but industry experts say cheap tablets have less quality product. the new tablet will hit shelves just in time for the holidays. decision 2016, new trouble for hillary clinton. new poll numbers suggest fellow democrat bernie sanders is gaining ground. like most presidential candidates mrs. clinton spent the weekend campaigning in iowa.
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she is trying to regain footing in that state after a new poll shows governor sanders has closed to within ten points of her. in new hampshire, senator sanders has overtaken clinton in that state. speculation continues to grow about whether or not jp joe biden will jump into the race a. fired up mr. biden was in pittsburgh talking about the importance of labor unions for the middle class. when a person in the audience shouted something about biden running for president. he replayed with a smile, don't ask me. >> the american dentist who killed a protected lion in africa returns to work in the morning. he has essentially been in hiding since huchbting and killing cecil the lion in zimbabwe back in july. the death received international
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outrage with palmer receiving threats. he maintains he believed the hunt was illegal. here's what is lighting up the internet this thailand right now. it's fire ball. you can see it as it comes down on the right side of your screen. it's dash cam video. we've slowed it down so you can see it better. thailand's scientific community says it was most likely space debris falling back to earth. >> amazing to see that. let's bring in rob may ada. you said 105. >> today's temperatures of 98, not the peak of this heat wave, which unlike others we have seen this summer lasted two or three days. this one is going to stick around most of the wee ahead. highs 98 in livermore. morgan hill, 97. and a few other spots around the bay area we saw temperatures soar into the low 90s around san
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jose, oakland, even san francisco. 91 degrees. and right now still 71 degrees. no sign of any fog in san francisco. you are at 70 in oakland. and in san jose right now, 71 degrees. approaching midnight as the temperatures stay quite warm. and 72 currently in dublin. dry conditions in the hill tops and winds at times continue to be offshore. had the wind speeds been stronger, 20 to 30 miles per hour, we would probably see fire weather watches or red flag warnings. the wind speed is not expected to get too strong but the direction is important. the offshore winds promote warming temperatures as we go through tomorrow. and unfortunately with high pressure building in like a lid on top of the bay area, spare the air day as the worst of the air quality will be around the east bay. south bay for tuesday. and probably all the way through friday as high pressure stays locked in on us. those are our temperature force the morning. sints right now. mid 60s for most spots tomorrow
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morning. some may start the day in the low 70s. lunchtime, 70s and 80s inland. san francisco and oakland in the 80s by noon. up to around 90. numbers above 100 degrees, towards saratoga and lass gatt owes. number around the peninsula,in mid 90s in the forecast. plenty of 90s in the north bay. the hottest spots, trivalley tomorrow 100 to 105 degrees. livermore up to 103. the forecast, hot inland. offshore breeze is bringing the temperatures up for santa cruz. 92. staying warm throughout most of the week. bow days agoa bay the exception to the rule. san jose, numbers there mid to upper 90s all the way through friday. some relief on saturday. not much relief around the south
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bay for los gatos. you see temperatures around 100. staying into the 90s as we get into the weekend. livermore as well. numbers 105 in the milling part of the week. upper 90s towards saturday. san francisco will be interesting. some cool friday into saturday as the sea breeze tries to come back and the ridge of high pressure begins to weaken as we head into the weekend. here's the temperature trend, beginning to cool off. notice the clouds coming in. this is where the forecast becomes interesting. we have hurricane linda off to the south of baja, california. while that storm weakens just in time for the weekend, all those high clouds may make a run at the bay area. we are not going to be looking at showers just yet. but this system that brings in the cloud cover and enhances that sea breeze we think will combine to bring us a cooling trend as we get into the weekend. hopefully you think 80s to low 90s feels cooler. >> trust me, after the next five days with the valley numbers near 105 degrees, 90s will indeed feel cooler.
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stay tuned. as the monsoon moisture comes back in, maybe showers. the biggest part of the story right there, cooler air arriving saturday into sunday. want to get back to the breaking news. we told you earlier in the newscast about afall small brushfire along highway 17. we just got this video in from a viewer. again, this is a brushfire along highway 17 near summit road near lass gatt owes. you see flames along the northbound lanes. there are traffic concerns. a lot of people coming home on this labor day weekend from the santa cruz area. they will be seeing slowing traffic along highway 17 coming back into the bay area. back in a moment.
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when "the napa valley wine train" booted off a group of women for laughing too loudly- it outrag when the napa valley wine train booted off a group of women for laughing too loud it yoet outraged a lot of people around the country. tonight a another tour company is offering a wine country trip and you can laugh as loud as you want to. on september 26th, two weeks from now, the bay area's mexican bus, that's what it's called, will become the wine soul train. it will stop at african-american and latino owned wineries. this is in response to what happened on the napa valley wine train two weeks ago when this group of african-american women, seen here, members of a book club, were asked to leave for being too rowdy. three east bay firefighters had to arrive on foot save a life. firefighters from station 52 had their rig break down. when they heard a call over the radio they knew they couldn't
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wait for back up. so they grabbed the gear and ran a quarter mile to help a person in cardiac arrest. >> we could help. >> while the tee firefighters gave the victim cpr an ambulance arrived to help and eventually the patient was take tony a nearby hospital. up next, the 49ers new look for opening night on monday night football. and stephan curry in china. we're on the road with him. stay with us.
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dpeeng. injury andard moncure, once again, the giants needed a strong effort from mike leake as their playoff hopes continue to sport a weak pulse at best. on life support, you could say. at chase field, even with the roof closed the trade deadline acquisition melted down against the d backs. leake never lost to arizona, but grumpy the cat threw out the first pitch. bottom of the second leake in trouble. three orun job. joe panic returned after missing over a month. smooth stroke back as well. too late.
11:29 pm
it leads to the lone run of the game. le le giants lose 6-1. >> angels starting the first of the three at home against dodgers. zach greinke on the hill for big blue. calhoun not sbresed. bottom fifth. game tying two run homer over the wall in right, 3-3 game, we think. after the review, yes, sir. in the seventh, blake starting to steam roll for l.a. off the glove, into left. two score. dodgers win 7-5. lead now 8.5 in the west. baseball at the cole see yum. a's in first place. astros bottomics is, tied at 2-2. against fields, pinch-hit. two run double. oakland scored six in the frame. led big, 8-2 after six.
11:30 pm
bottom 7th, 8-6, gale. begly goes deep. two run shot, back to a comfortable 10-6 lead. in the ninth it's just a one run game. doolittle to the rescue. strikes out gomez. oakland wins 10-9. one reason explaining the global interest of the nba is its popularity in china. it seemsman many of the 1.3 billion people are fans of the association. and that means of course they are fans of league mvp steph curry. curry continued his under armour road tour tour in beijing today where he was greeted by a standing room only crowd at a local mall. on display the curry two. lawrence scott witnessed the enthusiasm up close firsthanded. >> warriors guard stephen curry celebrated again here in his tour of asia on many levels.
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>> thank you for welcoming me to beijing of it's my first time here. i'm very excited. beautiful city. beautiful people. thank you very much. >> all right. for many 49ers fans the offseason seemed more like a funeral than a period of change. well maybe to end the period of mourning the team itself is turning to the all black alternate uniforms for the season opener. in order to start fresh it will be a first in front of the bright lights of monday night football hosting the minnesota vikings. the all blacks were introduced this past spring and seemed to be a hit with the fans. we'll see how it work out on the field. more news after the break.
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rob says if you step outside, it's still in the 70s. >> like palm springs. >> right now. >> yes, right now. uncheently, that's a running start for tomorrow. 90s and 105, hot spots around the bay area tomorrow. >> welcome to palm springs. thank you. >> bye-bye. ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- lebron james. tina fey and amy poehler.


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